The declarative value of consumer choices, and the public statements made by consumers in their brand choices is an enormously powerful tool.
malcolm gladwell

The artist in me always tries to do something original. But design is not art. The minute you use the word “design,” it signifies that something you make has to be used by people.
karim rashid

We want to change the equation to, “In exchange for this dollar, I not only get these goods, I get a completely transparent look at how you behave and how you created this product.”
alex bogusky

Wit provides depth and soul. It gives evidence of humanity. Every time I see a logo, a piece of packaging, or any piece of brand design with wit, it makes me think, “I like these people.”
bruce duckworth


Design translates values into tangible experiences. Anthropology helps you understand those values []. Design research attempts to understand design and the design process in order to improve it.
dori tunstall

I don’t think that anyone has really told them what design is. It doesn’t occur to most people that everything is designed. That every building, everything they touch in the world is designed. Even foods are designed now.
bill moggridge

What I really, hugely, and antagonistically dislike is the attempt to quantify the unquantifiable. And if you are a branding consultant, you have to accept that there are a lot of things you just cannot quantify.
wally olins

The main idea of purpose-driven brands is about recognizing, embracing, and celebrating the fact that brands can enhance people’s lives and help them to feel better about themselves.
phil duncan


There’s nothing more rewarding than bringing clarity or beauty to something with the scale and influence of a large brand.
brian collins

Every brand has a story, whether it’s the founder’s story or the brand’s reason for being. Some brands have never told their story well, or have lost their story.
stanley hainsworth

Design is really so damn simple. It’s so straightforward. Anyone who tries to make it complicated or convoluted does a disservice to designers everywhere.
joe duffy

If you are using brands as a way to camouflage low self-worth, then shame on you as much as shame on the brand.
daniel pink

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