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“Millman’s day is spent in a milieu in which one generally does not benefit from telling deeply personal stories about oneself. In her business life she works a tough room, where revealing insecurities and engaging human-to-human are not considered a winning strategy. It took guts for Millman to publish a book that contains thinking on her own past and future, on her intimate confusions, errors in judgment, fallibility. She could have so easily stuck to what, for her, has proved a winning formula: the examination of other people’s methods of working, the definition of other people’s characters, values, beliefs. She could have avoided telling her truth, she could have spoken only in universals. She could have left the rock unbroken, never shown us the crystalline light in that geode. “

Communication Arts Review

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POSTED ON Mar.09.2010 IN Reviews

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By Debbie Millman
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November 30, 2010
AIGA Richmond
--- September 23, 2010
AIGA Baltimore
--- June 06, 2010
HOW Conference
--- May 27, 2010
Academy of Art University Visual Storytelling Exhibit
--- May 14, 2010
AIGA Seattle
--- April 29, 2010
Icograda Conference
--- April 14, 2010
Fuse Conference
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