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We Love Typography

“Debbie Millman/Rodrigo Corral knock-out”

POSTED ON Feb.04.2012 IN Reviews


Will Nixon

“Especially touching”

POSTED ON Feb.03.2012 IN Reviews



“One of the most visually stunning books I’ve read in a long time. Debbie Millman’s essays about her life are expressed in an evocative and visual way. The essays are presented as paintings, cross stitches, chalk boards, drawings, index cards and more. A must read for those who believe design should be in every aspect of our lives.”

POSTED ON Oct.17.2010 IN Reviews


Core 77

“A design world powerhouse.”

POSTED ON Aug.26.2010 IN Reviews


Apartment Therapy House Tour: Debbie Upgrades to Mid-Century

“A very accomplished graphic designer.”

POSTED ON Jul.26.2010 IN Reviews


Daniel C. Wiggins

“What I loved so much about this book was how personal it is, and how open Debbie is expressing her fears, failures, and triumphs. Ultimately these personal things possess much more meaning, and are much more genuine than some logo we design for a client.”

POSTED ON Jul.26.2010 IN Reviews


Communication Arts

“Millman’s day is spent in a milieu in which one generally does not benefit from telling deeply personal stories about oneself. In her business life she works a tough room, where revealing insecurities and engaging human-to-human are not considered a winning strategy. It took guts for Millman to publish a book that contains thinking on her own past and future, on her intimate confusions, errors in judgment, fallibility. She could have so easily stuck to what, for her, has proved a winning formula: the examination of other people’s methods of working, the definition of other people’s characters, values, beliefs. She could have avoided telling her truth, she could have spoken only in universals. She could have left the rock unbroken, never shown us the crystalline light in that geode. “

Communication Arts Review

POSTED ON Mar.09.2010 IN Reviews


Radio interview with Jeff Schechtman on KVON-AM in SF

“Branding, design, style, new technologies and social media. We tend to look at all of them in isolation. Little do we realize sometimes that their is a very personal narrative that connects the things we buy, admire, use and connect with. Each of us is a part of a story with hundreds of tellers that represents the story of our lives.”

POSTED ON Mar.08.2010 IN Reviews


Sacramento Book Review

The thought-provoking personal essays she wrote in Look Both Ways will convince you—through desire, envy, optimism, embarrassment, and love, why design is the answer to the question of what it is that makes people buy.

POSTED ON Feb.17.2010 IN Reviews


Paging A Life In Books

The essays are presented in various methods of typographic expression, with twists and turns which illuminate and magnify the words into something more than a mere piece of prose. It’s a beautiful little gem of a book which can be dipped in and out of with none of the essays especially long, just the thing with a cup of coffee on a Sunday morning.

POSTED ON Feb.02.2010 IN Reviews

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